Collection: The Rubia

Rubia is an ode to ‘Rubiaceae’, a plant lending the opulent dye of pre-historic times, called the 'Madder'. The name ‘Rubia’ derives from the Medieval Latin “rŭbĕr (rubinus lăpis)”, meaning red stone, red, reddish. It also lends its name to the plant-Rubia Tinctorum from the Rubiaceae family, which gives its red color to Madder. 

The majestic Madder-toned collection blended with Madder flower embroidery on the inside, illustrates a facet of the rich history of mankind. Madder dyed textiles date back to the pre-historic eras and have been discovered in excavations of Mohenjo-Daro, Egyptian tombs, City of Pompeii and even found its place in the Mughal Empire court dresses. 

The unique collection is made with Vegan and Sustainable Coconut Biomaterial, showcasing a gentle textured surface and a luxurious feel. The collection includes Mini Tote Bag, Small Wallet, Key chain, and Bookmarks.