About Us

Waraq started with a vision to contribute to the phenomenon of how the world sees Art & Luxury. And turning a new leaf by attempting to view those with a mindful lens of Sustainability.

It is an endeavour to inspire people to view nature as a true luxury and live it. By way of artful inspirations, Waraq creates Limited-Edition Apparel, Bags and Accessory collections, with clean, organic, cruelty-free and environmentally safe materials.

Though Waraq, we want to make something which would be an heirloom in the making. Something with a story- close to heart and a resolve- to build a kinder planet!

Waraq is made with love, graced by artisans, and much like its name -translating the traditional fine sheet (panna) of gold & silver, embellishing delicacies around the world, transforms beautiful into divine!