About Us

Waraq was born out of a passion for showcasing stories into fabric, creating pieces that transcend trends and seasons. Our journey is one of exploration, embracing global influences, and weaving them into every thread. Our scarves tell a narrative of beauty, design, and the pursuit of elegance.

At Waraq, we believe in the transformative power of accessories, and we have curated a collection of scarves that go beyond mere fabric - each piece tells a story, embodies artistry, and invites wearers into a world of timeless sophistication.

We are driven by the belief that elegance is eternal. Our scarves are not just accessories; they are expressions of individuality, grace, and the pursuit of beauty. We value design, quality materials, and the celebration of diverse inspirations from around the world.

Though Waraq, we want to make something which would be an heirloom in the making. Something with a story- close to heart and a resolve- to build a kinder planet!

What sets us apart is the meticulous attention to detail in our designs, the premium quality of our materials, and a commitment to sustainability. Our scarves are not just fashion pieces; they are investments in enduring style and timeless elegance.

Waraq is made with love, graced by artisans, and much like its name -translating the traditional fine sheet (panna) of gold & silver, embellishing delicacies around the world, transforms beautiful into divine!